Time For A Second Look at your Mortgage!

Taking a 2nd look at your mortgage terms can potentially save you thousands of dollars!

Don't Pay More Than You Have To!

Taking a 2nd look at your mortgage terms
can potentially save you thousands of dollars!

2nd Look Mortgage
Did You Get The Best Rates? Mortgage Terms? Loan Costs?

For many people, obtaining a home mortgage to finance the purchase of their new house can be a daunting experience. Whether you're a first time home buyer or have purchased many homes, the process can still seem complicated because it's not something you're likely to do very often. Laws and government regulations change, and available loan programs change even more often, depending on the lender's investor's requirements for new applicants. So unless you've got a very good relationship with your financial institution's loan officer and trust them completely, you'll want to shop for the best rates, the best loan costs, and the best loan terms available to you. Never assume that the person writing up your home loan is going to just give you the best, because - let's face it - their job there is to make money for their company, and for themselves. That's why it is highly recommended you take a second look at your mortgage fine print and then get a 2nd opinion from another loan company specializing in home loans to make sure you are getting, at the very least, competitive loan terms.

Did You Know #1: As long as you shop all your financial institutions in the same time frame (usually within a 30 day period) your credit score should only count it all as one inquiry rather than the sum of them. Ask your mortgage rep for verification.

Did You Know #2: Car Salespeople love it when family and friends come to them for business. The Companies they work for train them on how to nicely squeeze every penny they can afford (and sometimes even more that they can't) because those clients trust them and "know" they won't be taken advantage of. Guess what, if you don't compare rates and terms, you probably won't get the best deal. Sure, Cars and Houses are two different industries. It's not the same. Right? ...Right???   Best Practice: Always Compare!!


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